Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

sooner or later in life the things you love you lose.

Bilder aus Südfrankreich. In den Pyrenäen Ende Januar. Die Gegend ist einfach wunderschön. Voll Natur. Wunderbarer und unberührter Natur.


  1. Such a beautiful shot of the mountain! It reminds me of my trip to Japan a long time ago and we hiked up a really high mountain that looks just like it! xxoxoxoo

  2. die bilder sind so wundervoll <3 ,
    vielleicht schaust du ja auch mal bei mir vorbei,

  3. Schöne Bilder! Da bin ich aber noch nie gewesen! Komm doch aus FR, naja. xoxo,

    Virginie/ Couture & DIY

  4. Hi Sarah! Yes, Japan is such a lovely place and the people are so fashion-forward too. I feel that they express their style in the most original way and everyone looks so different and unique! People watching is the best in Japan! xoxoxoo

  5. stunning pictures. the mountains remind me of my hometown!


  6. Hi Sarah! That sounds awesome! Carnivals are so fun to participate in! I'm having a very busy weekend, mostly cooking and doing laundry, haha :-) xoxoxoo